Wednesday, July 22, 2009

finding me......

that was almost going to be the name of this blog. For me, having kids is an amazing experience- and I think I'm pretty good at this whole SAHM gig (not perfect, but good)......but it is easy to lose yourself in the constant day to day business of being a mom and running a household. When we found out we were moving out west I decided that now that the kids are a bit more self sufficient it was time to get back to finding what makes me tick outside of being a mom. This in no way means I don't love my kids, that I don't love being their mom....and they still are at the top of my priority list.....I just don't want to be one of those women who wakes up one day to find a house full of teenagers doing their own thing and realize I have no idea what I want to do....that scares me. So I'm going to test the waters- try a few classes- volunteer- we'll see. but I'm excited and my list of things to try is growing by the day. I also can't wait for their first school break to attempt camping with them- we are in a prime location for that and it is something Chris and I really miss.......hope they like it too- I bet none of them realized that by me finding me....they'd be trying new things too! next of the family

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