Friday, August 7, 2009

getting my groove back

something about having kids makes you redefine yourself- and that, I believe is a good thing. But one day you wake up and notice they aren't so little anymore. You come downstairs and there they all are- fed, watching tv- playing a game even....and you didn't get the milk down or have to explain the rules. It is bitter sweet- for one thing- you got to sleep until 8am....and that is a good thing! but you do kind of miss being needed- or sure, they still need you- but a little less than they did yesterday. So it was time to begin to find me again. What do I want to do with those free spaces of time- I've always been a pretty creative person- so I unpacked my material (Finally!) and started to sew- here is one finished project in a long list- a few more are close to being completed and as I complete one about 4 more are getting added to the list! It feels good to find me- to be finding me....I'm pretty sure there are a few things I haven't uncovered yet- who knows what I'll find! In the mean time though I'm taking it slowly- and enjoying (and craving) the times with they still call for "Mama".......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

gypsy style and my latest obsession

these are the same 4 colors just on opposite walls- the previous renters (or perhaps the owners, we aren't sure) painted just one wall a hideous brown- and it is made worse by the remaining walls sterile white.......horrible. It is amazing to me how the colors look so different on the 2 walls. This is my latest obsession- what colors to paint the walls- for right now, I'm only worried about our bedroom and bath- we just bought new bedding and I'm in the mood for "different"....the top right is behr blue fox and I think that is what we will go with- the bottom brown is behr fall mood and that is my comfort zone- but I think I'll step out for a bit and try on something new.
gypsy style is another name I almost used for this blog- that is the thing with moving every 3 years- nothing (and I mean NOTHING!) is permenant. It is ridiculous to spend a lot of money on window treatments- because they will not fit in the next house- or sure enough you will not have enough panels and the fabric will be discontinued.....story of my life! I like to repurpose items or refinish previously loved items to create the look I'm going for.......after the bedroom makeover I will promptly move into our entryway and then into the kids bedrooms.......EK just got a new bedroom set before we moved so we'll just be painting her room the lightest pink we can find....the boys need total overhauls though- one is asking for a buffalo bills football room (dad's obsession!) and the other wants his room to look like a dorm at hogwarts (this will be a bit trickier as I have a firm no characters rule when decorating) to come as work begins!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EK- firecracker in the prettiest package!

X- such a sense of humor- and sooooo handsome!

H.....has the best smile and laugh!

finding me......

that was almost going to be the name of this blog. For me, having kids is an amazing experience- and I think I'm pretty good at this whole SAHM gig (not perfect, but good)......but it is easy to lose yourself in the constant day to day business of being a mom and running a household. When we found out we were moving out west I decided that now that the kids are a bit more self sufficient it was time to get back to finding what makes me tick outside of being a mom. This in no way means I don't love my kids, that I don't love being their mom....and they still are at the top of my priority list.....I just don't want to be one of those women who wakes up one day to find a house full of teenagers doing their own thing and realize I have no idea what I want to do....that scares me. So I'm going to test the waters- try a few classes- volunteer- we'll see. but I'm excited and my list of things to try is growing by the day. I also can't wait for their first school break to attempt camping with them- we are in a prime location for that and it is something Chris and I really miss.......hope they like it too- I bet none of them realized that by me finding me....they'd be trying new things too! next of the family

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Long Road Home

well that is kind of true isn't it? 11 years ago Chris and I set out on a life adventure- one that has taken us "over the pond"- out west- to the mountains- back to the east coast (albeit a bit more south than we had planned!) and now out to the desert.......and although we take each day and make it an adventure- all we really want is to get back home. 8 more years. who knows where the road will lead in that time but for now our family finds itself in Las Vegas. Probably, no definitely, the LAST place I saw our family living! We took some time to get used to the idea of living in sin city and have now embraced it- not the sinning part mind you! There are adventures to be had out here and we plan to take advantage of them while we can!